Skid Steers

We supply skid steers to a number of different asphalt companies and on occasion civil companies too. Our reliable workforce and machinery are maintained to the highest standards, ensuring we provide the reputable service clientele have come to recognize.

With one of our experienced operators you can achieve the best productivity to suit your needs. All our machines are fitted out with every safety requirement for the industries ever evolving necessities; Flashing lights, Reversing beepers, rear-view cameras, Wheel nut indicators, Wheel chocks, Fire extinguishers, two-way radios, E-stops, First aid kits & Spill kits.

Our compact truck setups allow us plenty of flexibility to carry out works in tight and congested sites. With tracked and wheeled machines, we have attachments for all our industry requirements; 4 in 1 Buckets, 4 in 1 Broom Buckets, Cold planers (profilers), Angle power brooms, Spreader bars, and Forks.

Our operators go above and beyond in helping where ever they can with their multi-skill sets.

In case of any emergencies we have back-ups and parts ready to go, as we have geared up to be a reliable and efficient organisation.

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