Survey & Level Control

Xroads survey team provide a vital service for road construction. With our comprehensive knowledge of the industry, we are able to find solutions for most issues and carry out the highest level of road building.

We use state of the art surveying equipment. Trimble 1 second instruments for highest accuracy. We have special pieces of equipment best suited for pavement placing survey i.e. Multi-track prisms (keep better lock with no loss of time due to rollers and plant getting in the way of the surveyor and his instrument), heavy duty tripods allowing for vibrations (making sure everything stays at highest level of accuracy and no time lost for having to re-setup and unbalanced theodolite), SCS900 field software (we can give areas, average depths, tonnages,  cross sections with slopes, minimal loading time, chainages/offsets/height all in a blink of an eye) these factors are a huge asset in the asphalt industry.

We use a number of CAD packages in the office, our main one being 12d. Once we receive the data for the existing surface and new design, we will run some calcs to verify every party is on the same page with the likes of volumes, making sure there are no unforeseen variables. At the end of each shift we can give pavement conformance report. Once the project is completed, we can do up an overall pavement conformance (with or without thickness’s). We’ll also model up a final as-built which would contain all A/C and any other addons if requested, this can be produced in a 12da, DXF, DWG or any other mainstream CAD option.

Upon arrival to site the experienced asphalt surveyor and grade control operator will setout the paving area, running lanes/corrector/any other areas that may need addressing. I say ‘Asphalt’ surveyor as there is a big difference in knowing normal survey and knowing asphalt surveying. Unfortunately, it can’t be taught and is only something our team have gained from experience. We have been on many sites where normal site survey has cause loss of productivity due to lack of paving knowledge.


We use a grade control system called PaveSmart, The system can be used on airport and road projects that have smoothness and variable depth pave/cut to grade requirements. The Grade Control System offers distinct advantages to the engineer and/or contractor on any project requiring smooth, variable depth paving or milling. The unit adapts to any paver or planer that has electric/hydraulic control, eliminates string line setup to pave, allows asphalt to be placed with millimetre accurately, increases productivity, and is far less costly to use versus conventional methods. To illustrate, survey data can be input into the Grade Control System for a 3klm runway before 2 men can setup string line for paving over a 60m distance. Thicknesses are input to the system directly from either spreadsheet or manually inputting on the go for any last minute changes.

Our grade control operators are Asphalters by trade and have experience. We pride ourselves on making sure we keep the best level of experience to maintain a great level of service

Here are a few of the larger projects we are on /or have successfully completed.

          Gateway Upgrade North – Allens/Boral – Lendlease (2017 – 2019)

          Kingsford Smith Drive – Boral – Lendlease (2017 – current)

          M1M3 Merger – Boral – Lendlease (2018 – current)

          Various Road repairs and upgrades for Logan/Gold Coast councils –  VBA-Ventia Boral Amey (2018-current)

          Exit 54 – Boral – Seymour Whyte (2016-2017)

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